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I was able to reproduce this on a clean CentOS 5.5 install by following the instructions at

The culprits on my machine were: 1) Conflict with the "daemon" package vs the "python-daemon" package. The daemon package is listed in the wiki instructions, when it should be "python-daemon". To resolve: easy_install-2.6 -mxN daemon

2) python-daemon 1.6 breaks compatibility with earlier versions ( is renamed to Make sure 1.5.5 is installed. To resolve: easy_install-2.6 python-daemon==1.5.5 More information:

3) lockfile 0.9.1 package is installed by python-daemon, but that version has a known bug in it, giving a TypeError error on "from daemon import pidlockfile". Make sure 0.8 is installed. To resolve: easy_install-2.6 lockfile==0.8 More information: