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Hi, thanks for a quick reply. I really appreciate it.

When it comes down to using s3curl - I think the only thing I configured was a parameter inside '' script, which was listing 'known hosts'. The variable was called 'endopoints', if I recall. Check out this post: I'll try to contact my sys admin to ask if that was the only thing that he has configured.

I don't actually get the other question. I'm trying to send local file from my desktop to specified directory (path) on remote Swift. For instance: --id MY_USERNAME --key MY_SECRET_PASS --put some_file.txt -- -s -v Response: 200 --id MY_USERNAME --key MY_SECRET_PASS --put some_file.txt -- -s -v Response: error - InvalidURI

As you can see the only thing that changes is the destination on my swift storage. When I upload straing to bucket 'mybucket' everything is cool, since this object exists. But when I upload to folder 'mybucket/a/b' - I get an error. S3 would accept that request, no biggie - it would create folders 'a' and 'b'. But Swift somehow does not cope with it.

The other interesting thing is - my sys admin contacted me and told me that he tried achieving the same WITHOUT S3Middletier and it worked! So I guess it now look like python script handling Middletier does it wrong...