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Generally that no address range available is because --flat_network_dhcp_start is not set properly or you have an extra dnsmasq running

Try setting it, killall dnsmasq, restart nova-network


On Jun 24, 2011, at 3:06 PM, Davor Cubranic wrote:

Question #161446 on OpenStack Compute (nova) changed:

Davor Cubranic posted a new comment: Haitao, can you look for: 1) your instance's console output (euca-get-console-output i-00000001) 2) DHCP messages in syslog?

I have a similar problem to you, and see error entries in syslog from dnsmasq-dhcp about "no address range available for DHCP request via br100", as well as errors in the instance console about the metadata server being unreachable. I wonder if we're dealing with the same problem.

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