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In coming future,

1) Migrate L3 router service from mixin to plugin. (Note: this gives enough overview on what you are trying to achive) MUST READ DOCUMENT -

2) To achieve above requirement, this blueprint is found which says "API framework for loading multiple service plugin". This is an Advanced service framework as part of Quantum. Advanced services framework should allow implementation of additional services to be independent and decoupled from core plugins. This means, separate independent of L2, routing , Firewall, LbaaS plugin can also be developed separately in future and can be integrated. There will be service_plugins option in quantum.conf to load different plugins instead of today having single option core_plugin in quantum.conf. MUST READ DOCUMENT -

3) Openvswitch plugin has to be modified so that it does not provide L3 functionality. The L3 plugin is specified by the ‘service_plugins’ setting in ‘quantum.conf’ and the l3 agent is configured in the usual way in the ‘l3agent.ini’ file.

Excerpt from quantum.conf:

core_plugin = quantum.plugins.openvswitch.ovs_quantum_plugin.OVSQuantumPluginV2 service_plugins =

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