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Fantastic! This is something I'd love to see in swift, and, to my knowledge, no one else is working on it.

I do think the best approach is to implement this in middleware.

Your best chances of getting your code included into swift are to keep up (the core devs) informed along the way. I would ask that you create a brief description of your plans in a Launchpad blueprint ( and include a link to an etherpad document that describes in detail how you plan on implementing it ( Finally, if you keep your code in a public code repo (perhaps in your fork of, we can all keep in sync and see what's going on. By doing all of this, we will be able to make sure that your design doesn't adversely affect current performance and scalability and know what's going on when it comes time to review it for inclusion into swift.


On Jan 19, 2012, at 1:01 PM, Kunal Nawale wrote:

New question #185218 on OpenStack Object Storage (swift):

Hi, Is anyone working on adding webdav support to swift ? I am planning on adding it, wanted to make sure there is no duplicate efforts.

Thinking of adding it as wsgi middleware, which will be in the call chain of proxy. It will enforce/validate the webdav requirements for http requests coming in before they are handled by proxy.

Any thoughts ? alternate approaches ? Please let me know.

Thanks -kunal

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