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Hi , Sorry, I think I messed up the details.

  1. When I used the image image , the instances are active and I can SSh into them but the cluster turns into 'ERROR' state. Savanna/api-log has the following: >error during command execution "sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /opt/oozie/conf" >Return code 1 >chown: cannot access ' /opt/oozie/conf': No such file or directory and at the ending of the logs I can see the following error : >cluster creating fails with exception :'NoneType'object has no attribute 'name'

2.I tried with the image centos-6_64-hdp-1.3.qcow2(link ) . For this image, the instances are active but I can not ssh into them.The console of any instance says ' Booting from Hard Disk ..' and the cluster remains in ' WAITING State '. The log file ends with ' INFO urllib3.connectionpool [-] Starting new HTTP connection (1):' ( The IP is public Ip of controller node)

What could be the problem ? Am I using wrong images or am I missing some steps ?? Please help me out. (I am using Fuel v 4.0.)