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First of all, thanks for the quick response.

Yes, all nodes are using the nova.conf file that I have posted. All nova-compute nodes have the following flag:


I've installed the Folsom release from this repository: deb precise-updates/folsom main

It's this version:

nova-manage version


I'll try to describe the entire process:

I boot the VM forcing the host (I also tried without defining the host, but the result is the same) :

nova boot --image 21e2e055-53be-4cf0-a025-5564db5bd901 --flavor 2 --nic net-id=f7d69605-cd1e-40bf-a180-648b5e64b672 --availability-zone nova:b205b2

+--------------------------------------+-------+--------+----------------+ | ID | Name | Status | Networks | +--------------------------------------+-------+--------+----------------+ | 5f3953d2-66ee-4fde-82fd-b762c179cb1d | fenix | BUILD | lan03= | +--------------------------------------+-------+--------+----------------+

+--------------------------------------+-------+--------+----------------+ | ID | Name | Status | Networks | +--------------------------------------+-------+--------+----------------+ | 5f3953d2-66ee-4fde-82fd-b762c179cb1d | fenix | ERROR | lan03= | +--------------------------------------+-------+--------+----------------+

Here is the entire nova, quantum server and openvswitch-agent logs, and the quantum conf file.

nova log: quantum-server log: openvswitch-agent log: quantum conf:

In the nova log there is another error, but I think it is consequence of the first one.

Thanks! :)