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I'm not sure about all of the interactions with quantum, but in general nova-manage shouldn't be trying to kill dnsmasq at all. The network commands in nova-manage should only do db only setup. Ultimately, yes nova-manage should be replaced with something that is only using apis, but deleting in use networks is not something that is supported anywhere yet.


On Mar 2, 2012, at 9:25 AM, JC Martin wrote:

New question #189460 on OpenStack Compute (nova):

In the following setup : node 1: Nova Scheduler node 2: Nova Network, Nova API, Quantum

If I execute nova-manage network delete on node 1, it tries to kill dnsmasq on node 1, but dnsmasq is on node 2. Creation of the network worked as expected (from node 1, to node 2) This is leading to strange situations.

So the questions are really : 1/ is this setup supported at all ? 2/ should nova-manage always use APIs and not execute commands locally ?

I was tempted to file a bug because of point 2.

Opinion ?


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