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Thanks for your response.

Now I have removed the cinder-volumes services from node1 and setup looks like below but still im getting the "no valid host found error".

mysql and rabbit is point to controller node.


Controller node1: CInder-api cinder-scheduler

Cluster node2: Cinder-volume tgtd

cinder.conf file [DEFAULT] rootwrap_config=/etc/cinder/rootwrap.conf sql_connection = mysql://cinderUser:cinderPass@ api_paste_confg = /etc/cinder/api-paste.ini iscsi_helper=ietadm volume_name_template = volume-%s volume_group = cinder-volumes rabbit_host = volumes_dir = /etc/cinder/volumes state_path = /var/lib/cinder lock_path = /var/lock/cinder verbose = True auth_strategy = keystone debug=true