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Thanks for the response. Server A and Server B are connected to each other through their eth1 interfaces which are connected to a single switch with no other connections. (eth0 on both servers are connected to our internal network and Internet.) I am ot sure about what this particular switch does but I would thing it is not tha cause of our issues because traffic gets passed through it for some of the ping operations.

There are no other interfaces of the OVS as listed below.

Please let me know if there are other pieces of information that can be helpful.



On Server A: The three gateways are for my three networks and the tap interfaces are for the four running VMs right now.

mb@sysnet45:~$ sudo ovs-vsctl list-br br-int mb@sysnet45:~$ sudo ovs-vsctl list-ports br-int eth0 gw-9ad6270b-f7 gw-e84cecf1-06 gw-f25ffc5e-d3 tapaf08a421-b7 tapc9e6c971-b4 tapd56b38e0-66 tapf059b70a-ec

On Server B: the tap interfaces are for the five running VMs right now.

mb@sysnet43:~$ sudo ovs-vsctl list-br br-int mb@sysnet43:~$ sudo ovs-vsctl list-ports br-int eth0 tap062e466f-c7 tap0abbbcb6-72 tap2d7c1378-fe tap92d4d472-95 tap961b958b-d1