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Hi Mohammad,

very interesting question. Thanks for posting such a great deal of details!

Assuming "admin" and "demo" are your "tenants", it looks like "admin" VM on server A cannot ping "demo" VMs on server A while they can ping them on server B, while they should not.

The traceroute seems to show a packet leaving "admin" VM on server A, going through some router/gateway, and finally reaching a VM for tenant "demo" on server B. If that is correct, the traffic is leaving the Quantum network on server A, and then is getting back in it on server B; in this case I wonder how OVS has been configured on the two hosts and whether IP routing is changing the way in which the packets are being forwarded between the two hosts.

From the routing table for server A, I some routes specific for the tenant networks ( and
1) Are they routing the packets for these networks to a router which performs VLAN termination? 2) How are the OVS instances on server A and server B connected each other? 3) Are there interfaces different from VIFs, GRE tunnels, and 'patch interfaces' plugged into the OVS instances?

Regards, Salvatore