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You will need to switch to one of the other schedulers to do this. You can set them up in different zones and use the zone scheduler. Or, as an admin, you can use SimpleScheduler and use -z zone:<host> to send it to a specific host.




On Apr 7, 2011, at 1:53 PM, arturo lorenzo wrote:

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I am running a small bexar cluster with three computers: the cloud controller that also runs object storage, network and scheduler; one compute node that is providing KVM linux images and one compute node running hyper-v providing windows images. Most part of the times when I run a windows instance, they are redirected to the compute node running KVM instead of the one running Hyper-v. the windows images are residing inside the Hyper-v compute node. I have tried the parameter -z on the euca-run-instances unsuccessfully. how can redirect windows images to the Hyper-v computer node? Thanks!

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