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Flat Manager with uec images will probably have problems starting up due to cloud init. If you look at the console output you wil likely see errors about reaching metadata. You can add a special forwarding rule for metadata, but for one box deployment it is much easier to use FlatDHCPManager or VlanManager, which handle forwarding rules for you.


On Apr 1, 2011, at 7:06 AM, Mandeep Singh wrote:

New question #151316 on OpenStack Compute (nova):

Hi, I am evaluating the nova on a single box with a br100 bridge and eth0 attached to it. I have given a static IP to the br100. I created a project network as follows: /usr/bin/nova-manage network create 1 256

Following is the nova.conf for your reference:

--dhcpbridge_flagfile=/etc/nova/nova.conf --dhcpbridge=/usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge --logdir=/var/log/nova --state_path=/var/lib/nova --lock_path=/var/lock/nova --verbose --s3_host= --rabbit_host= --cc_host= --ec2_url= --fixed_range= --network_size=8 --FAKE_subdomain=ec2 --routing_source_ip= --sql_connection=mysql://root:password@ --glance_host= --glance_port=9292 --image_service=nova.image.glance.GlanceImageService

When I launch the instances, I can see in the logs that the key is being injected during the launch but I can't see the network being injected and consequently I am not able to ping the instance. I am using the ubuntu 1386 image downloaded from Eucalyptus website.

Is there any issues with the network configuration or am I missing something? Please suggest.

Thanks Mandeep Singh

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