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Basically, you need to either do this inside heat-engine (where we store encrypted credentials in the database for exactly this kind of scenario), or store credentials in your code.

Is there a reason why you aren't implementing this either in the main heat-engine code, or via a custom resource plugin?

See: and

We would love to have improved support for nova notifications in heat, so it would be great if you could work with us and contribute to heat, instead of doing something standalone and accessing via the RPC API.

Note the RPC API is intended to be private, and may change at any time (we aren't planning to declare the RPC version final until the havana release), so if you go ahead with this approach, your code is likely to get broken, it would be much better to add this to heat-engine or use a custom resource plugin IMO, we do not support usage of the heat RPC interfaces in this way.