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Hi Qirui,

The two platforms that OpenStack in general and Quantum in particular are tested on are Ubuntu and RHEL. I know SUSE recently announced that they are joining OpenStack, so perhaps contacting them directly about this problem could help. We'd be happy to work with them on this.

Its worth noting that I suspect this issue can be reproduced just with libvirt itself, without openstack, so you might also try reproducing the problem with libvirt alone when asking the SUSE folks for help. Particularly, you need to be able to:

Create a tap device using (must be root):

ip tuntap add tap-001 mode tap

This will create a device tap-001.

Then start a VM with a type=ethernet interface that uses that tap device:

    <interface type='ethernet'>
        <target dev='tap-001' />
        <mac address='ca:fe:de:ad:be:ef' />
        <script path='' />