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there are two different types of port when you are talking about floating ips.

one is a "hidden port", visible only to admin users, that represents the IP allocation on the "external network" (i.e., the public IP for the floating IP).

the other is the "associated" port, which is the internal port (usually a VM VIF) that the floating IP is mapped to (i.e., the private IP for the floating IP). It is possible to allocate a floating IP that is unassociated with an internal port, but then to associate or disassociate on demand via the API.


On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 10:16 PM, digitalwonk <> wrote:

New question #226594 on quantum:

When I do a 'quantum floatingip-list', the number of ports assigned (10) is significantly less that the number of ports with floating ips shown in 'quantum port-list' (95). Is that expected?

Even if I exclude the ports that are assigned to tenant router gateways and vms, I still have some number of ports that I don't know where they come from (76 ports). I attempted to port-delete them, but I receive a "Port xxx has owner network:floatingip and therefore cannot be deleted directly via the port API." Where are these assigned or are these somehow orphan ports/ips?

If it matters, I'm still on folsom.

Thanks, Ed

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