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It is much easier if you run these two on the same machine. That said, you should be able to run the majority of the commands from another machine if you set the flags properly (s3_host, ec2_host, etc.) The certificate creation will still fail, though. As of this moment you need to run nova-api, nova-objectstore, and nova-manage on the same machine. This should change by cactus. Most of the commands in nova-manage are replicated in, which can be run commands through the api (using boto, for example), so if you do your management on another machine, this is the preferred method. This is how does management commands for example.

On Jan 28, 2011, at 3:00 AM, guan wrote:

New question #143165 on OpenStack Compute (nova):

I tried to install nova-manage into a different machine from nova-api. I copied files related with credentials from the machine installed with nova-api to the machine installed with nova-manage. And finally I got But after I checked the content of novarc, the values of EC2_URL and S3_URL were wrong. The values were not IP of the machine installed with nova-api, but the machine where nova-manage command was executed.

Could anyone tell me whether command "nova-manage project zipfile" should be executed on the same machine where nova-api was installed?


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