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Setting 'handle_internal_only_routers = False' for both L3 agents seems to fix this. I also added 'metadata_port = 9698' to the second L3 agent.

This is what it looks like now with 2 routers and 2 running VMs:

brctl show

bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces br100 8000.000000000000 no
brq29325e60-4d 8000.00304864eebd no bond0.1000 tap0f21ae71-05 tapee8ffdda-66 tapf85d12c2-2c brq4fd0d5eb-4b 8000.00304864eebd no bond0.100 tap529b2f60-18 brq5ed48ee6-20 8000.00304864eebd no bond0.1001 tap3dac45ff-c5 tapbd688c3a-0e tapf3ce8462-f9 brq60cdeba9-03 8000.00304864eebd no bond0.200 tap4b3f218b-63

ip netns

qrouter-b14d8e5d-506f-43f2-bcc0-5252bda9f0f2 qdhcp-29325e60-4dee-470c-b669-824a8f7503a8 qdhcp-5ed48ee6-20d8-40bf-9075-49ca03bca37c qrouter-8d3522f4-2b1a-4049-9239-f5a906208484