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Thanks very much, guys.

xfs_repaired all sda3, restarted the storages, reloaded the proxy server, wola, working!

so the error messages made me worried. If you guys didn't tell me 507 means something wrong with the device, I wouldn't even have had the chance to figure out this message:

Jun 17 06:36:18 ubuntu account-server - - [17/Jun/2011:13:36:18 +0000] "HEAD /sda3/138541/AUTH_.auth" 507 - "tx6f3c1dbb-cb91-44cb-ab40-02bebc461fe7" "-" "-" 0.0010 ""

Generally, I found the error msg and logging are not up 2 a very good standard. Is that because the nature of Python, or it's the way the exceptions/errors got handled? we have plans to enhance them? Also the response code, like 201, 204, 500, 503, 507 etc etc, they are not standard http code, right? Are they defined internally in SWIFT somewhere? or we can have a error code menu to check when we running into issues again next time?