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Oh that's even better news. I feel ashamed I cannot seem to glean this info myself from the docs; I have wasted hours on the wrong docs whilst proofing basic functionality; now I am trying to comprehend what is going on I am as deep as I was at the start.

This is great and helps bit-rot and more likely - multi drive failure a very great deal. (I have had hard disk 'batch failure' in the past where we have lost 20% of drives over a 9 month period, hopefully a 1 in 50 year event ;) )

Samuel; once this "absolutely necessary" tertiary replication is done... if and when the missing parts of the ring come back revealing the lost partitions, will the object replicator then set about moving items to the safest locations as part of it's normal duty? Looking at it, this looks to be the case...

"Self healing" now I understand it better; from the top level docs and testing it appeared that to do anything I had to initiate ring rebuilds. Sure this helped me see things happen (like scaring a horse!) - I suspect now that if I had just sat back and waited I would have gleaned this info.

Thank you