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Three environment variables need to be set to use euca2ools.

openrc sets these for you but you could easily create a small rc file for them (note that bundling images currently is not supported).

Set the ec2 url so euca2ools works

export EC2_URL=${EC2_URL:-http://$HOST_IP:8773/services/Cloud}

Access key is set in the initial keystone data to be the same as username

export EC2_ACCESS_KEY=${USERNAME:-demo}

Secret key is set in the initial keystone data to the admin password

export EC2_SECRET_KEY=${ADMIN_PASSWORD:-secrete}

if you give them a file with those three variables set they can use it. To see how to create a new user in keystone with ec2 credentials, checkout files/

Also note that you can use any arbitrary string for acess and secret, the script just sets access key = username and secret key = password to keep things simple.

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