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Hi Guangya - I'm no expert on the swift authorization systems but I've played with it many a time, just not with the latest trunk. My guess is that you need this tempauth line rather than the current auth in the [filter:auth] section.

[filter:tempauth] use = egg:swift#tempauth user_system_root = testpass .admin https://$PROXY_LOCAL_NET_IP:8080/v1/AUTH_system

To give you a little history, the Swift project used to supply a project called swauth within the Swift project, but that is now separated out - see

With the incubation of Keystone, a common auth project for the OpenStack projects, the tempauth is a placeholder. Someone else can probably better advise you for your situation, but let us know if you're setting up a proof of concept or doing a full deployment and we can help with the auth piece.