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I realize I am resurrecting a really old post, but this is the first post the appears when googling for the issue I had this is how I resolved it.

  1. security group list --all-projects

    | d55e5f55-f8c8-433c-b3f3-2d4cd7dfba2f | default | Default security group | user |

  2. Copy the ID number (This will be $Security_Group_UUID)

  3. neutron port-list

  4. Copy and paste the output into a tmp.txt file

  5. cat ./tmp.txt | awk {'print $2'}

  6. Copy and paste the output in tmp2.txt file

  7. cat tmp2.txt | while read line; do neutron port-show $line | grep $Security_Group_UUID -C 20 ; done

  8. Get the ID of the neutron port from the above command. (This will be $Neutron_Port_ID)

  9. neutron port-delete $Neutron_Port_ID

  10. You should be able to now delete the security port group.

  11. security group delete $Security_Group_UUID