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Is OpenStack ready to be used? It powers Ebay, Paypal, Yahoo, Rakuten, CERN, .... So it can be used, but of course the answer to your question depends on the definition of "ready". A week ago, I set up a Devstack without a hitch (it's still running), using an old local.conf that I adapted to Ussuri, but perhaps "ready" means something else to you.

I think you suffer from a few misconceptions. First, Devstack is not OpenStack, just like Centos is not Linux or even GNU/Linux. Devstack is a large shell script for rapidly setting up a cloud without interaction, based on the code from OpenStack's git repo and countless Python libraries. The purpose of a Devstack cloud is to provide a testing environment for continuous integration of the OpenStack project.

There is no push-button automatic setup of OpenStack. No equivalent of "yum install openstack" and you're done. Devstack comes close, and so does Packstack. There are other OpenStack deployment tools that require a varying degree of preparation and manual intervention: Juju, Tripleo, OpenStack-Ansible, Kolla, ...

Centos doesn't have git and nano? How is that OpenStack's problem? If you pretend vi doesn't exist, simply pretend OpenStack doesn't exist, and your problem is solved. By the way, you need neither nano nor vi nor any text editor. Just echo your configuration into a local.conf file.

I have not used Devstack on Centos for a while but don't remember running into problems. You have to consider that Devstack is not a finished, packaged and shrink-wrapped product. Each Devstack deployment installs Python code from the OpenStack git repos, and from Python repositories via pip install. It therefore depends on code that is outside its control, and inconsistencies among the various pieces can cause a deployment to fail. For example, when some Python library gets broken accidentally. Such inconsistencies are usually fixed fairly quickly, e.g. in 24 hours. Also, cloning a stable branch of Devstack is more likely to lead to working cloud than the master branch.

If your stops at line 599, why don't you share your local.conf and a detailed problem description? The community may be able to help. Or try Packstack, which could be described as a finished, packaged product.