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No, you don't have to configure Cinder, except if you need volumes in your cloud.

The part of OpenStack that manages virtual machines is named Nova. By default, Nova uses the compute node's "local storage" as VM disks. I put "local storage" in quotes, because Nova doesn't care and probably doesn't know whether storage is a disk partition, a logical volume, a locally attached RAID LUN, and NFS directory, a Ceph block device, a fibre-channel LUN or an iSCSI LUN.

So, one possible setup is one controller that also manages the network, and three compute nodes. The compute nodes will be installed with nova-compute and a Neutron agent such as the Linuxbridge agent or Openvswitch agent. You will have to mount the Equalogic LUN at /var/lib/nova on the compute nodes, or configure a non-default Nova storage directory.

Another scenario is setting up Cinder on the controller, configuring the Equalogic array as a Cinder backend, and using Cinder volumes as VM disks. In this case, I guess that each VM will get its separate Equalogic LUN.

There are other scenarios, but I will stop here.