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Thanks for answering.

For me there is no problem to have mon and mgr services to run on osd nodes, the problem is how to compile instackenv.json and instruct deploy command (through env.yaml files) to do so....

I was basing on some links like:

But it is not clear to me how to create the map to say the installer to use the 3 dedicated ceph nodes I have chosen for that.... can you give a tip about it?

You say "without OSD you can't store data", but I would expect the deploy command to setup OSD nodess... while my 3 nodes elected to be the ceph ones are "correctly" (in the sense that they are powered on and then off) introspected, but then they seem to have been excluded from the whole workflow operation... Can you confirm that at the stage where compute and controller nodes are powered on, also ceph nodes should have been powered on at the same time? Or are they expected to be powered on only in a second moment?

Are my settings below in jstackenv.json correct for the candidate ceph nodes? Or what do I have to change?

"capabilities": "profile:ceph-storage,node:ceph-2,boot_option:local"