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It looks like I found the solution to my problem. I think the problem was the the SSL configurations in the sections:

swift_store_use_trusts = True

swift_store_auth_insecure = True

swift_store_cacert = /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

swift_store_ssl_compression = False

I only removed these section and the service started to work.

My [back0] section is like this now:


auth_version = 3

auth_address = http://controller:5000/v3

key = Abcd1234

user = service:glance

swift_store_admin_tenants = [admin]

swift_store_region = RegionOne

swift_store_container = glance

swift_store_expire_soon_interval = 60

swift_store_large_object_size = 5120

swift_store_large_object_chunk_size = 200

swift_store_create_container_on_put =True

swift_store_retry_get_count = 10

swift_store_multi_tenant = True

Obs: I removed the sections bellow because it were causing the container created to be empty:

swift_buffer_on_upload = True

swift_upload_buffer_dir = /tmp/

I post my results here in hope can help other people.

Thank you very much.