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This is a few years old but I thought I would answer it as it was the first relevant result returned by a search.

Source an administrator rc file (file name below is an example - yours may be different):

source /path/to/

You will need to find the imageID# for the image you want to have higher resolutions on, run:

openstack image list

It will return something like:

| ID                                   | Name                         | Status |
| 72c57d7c-22af-49b7-b48e-116565e98432 | bioinformatics_full          | active |
| e6b7f171-7834-4f8e-bc31-14bd30aa4264 | bionic_2                     | active |
| d2dc2c4b-d563-459a-b284-5369cd036e31 | cirros                       | active |

I've found 'qxl' to have smaller resolutions than 'vmvga' on some machines, on others I found no difference. To change the settings for the bioinformatics_full image listed above, run:

openstack image set --property hw_video_model=vmvga 72c57d7c-22af-49b7-b48e-116565e98432