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I was able to do this with a trunk port and a single (management) IP on the CentOS box by creating two OpenStack bridges - I made br-ex for all networks other than the management network, set all of the associated OS networks up as VLAN, and attached br-ex to the physical port/team. I then made br-mgmt, put the management network on that as a flat network, and attached it to a tagged subinterface of the physical port/team. I gave br-mgmt the IP for the box, and didn't put an IP at all for br-ex. Seems to work fine, even if it was a pain to figure out. I'm curious if this is how people generally solve this (cause I didn't find instructions for this anywhere), or what else people do instead, but...what I need is up and working, anyway.

As mentioned above in the comments, I made the team in Linux rather than OVS due to a recommendation from the RHEL guide.