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Ok I have had some progress,

after searching more and finding some old, but still usefull guides I managed to rerun the packstack install to a (mostly) working configuration.

I know have and the following situation, the bridge br-ex has 2 Ip adrresses, 1 is my "normal" (former eth0) IP Addr for Internet access and the second is the "external" Openstack IP Add( in my case, openstack has the internal network for the Demo User as well, so now if I start an Instance it correctly gets an IP adrr from the internal Net, and if I add a Floating IP from the Net I can also reach the Instance from my HostVM, which is running the openstack cloud.

1 Probem persists so far though, I still cant access the Internet from inside the Instance, and if I enter the router Namespace with "ip netns exec ..." and ping from the router to I get a redirected Host notification (Nexthop beeing my eth0 Gateway)

I would love to solve this.