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Hi all,

I solved the problem partly:

Right now I have a Controller Node running on RockPi and 3 Compute Nodes on Raspberry Pi 3B+ using Raspbian. The Nodes are connected via VLAN.

Solution for Raspbian (not a full installation guide):

  1. Update & Upgrade
  2. Install Chrony, dnsmasq, Nova-Compute
  3. Get Source Code from kvm/qemu & compile it for arm. Here is a good documentation to install & compile it.
  4. Make sure with: virsh -c qemu:///system version --daemon that all versions are 5.0.0 and for "Running hypervisor: QEMU 3.1.0".
  5. Configure your nova.conf

Now Nova-Compute should run successfully and establish a connection to the controller.

I will keep it updated if I get some progress using Ubuntu 18.04