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The problem was a mis-match between two components of the configuration. According to "" there are several steps to configuring PCI-Passthrough. (1) One of those steps is to "Configure a flavor" on the Controller node. The website's example is '# openstack flavor set m1.large --property "pci_passthrough:alias"="a1:2"' where the ":2" means two PCI devices. In other words, ONLY those Compute nodes that have two matching PCI devices will be able to use this flavor. (2) The other of those two mis-matched steps is to "Configure PCI devices" on the Compute node, or more precisely, to configure each Compute node's whitelist. The number of entries in each whitelist MUST match the number of PCI devices specified in its corresponding flavor defined in the "Configure a flavor" step. The website's example for a PCI device's address is 'passthrough_whitelist = { "address": "0000:41:00.0" }'. Notice that the flavor example specifies two PCI devices, but the whitelist example only specifies one address. That was the problem. The syntax to specify two whitelisted addresses (to match the flavor's requested number of PCI devices) is 'passthrough_whitelist = { "address": "0000:41:00.0" }, { "address": "0000:41:00.1"}]'. To specify only one, use the format of the whitelist example and change the flavor command from ":2" to ":1".