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The TAP devices and veth devices are normal Linux network devices and may be inspected with the usual tools, such as ip and tcpdump. Open vSwitch internal devices, such as patch-tun, are only visible within the Open vSwitch environment. If you try to run tcpdump -i patch-tun, it will raise an error, saying that the device does not exist.

It is possible to watch packets on internal interfaces, but it does take a little bit of networking gymnastics. First you need to create a dummy network device that normal Linux tools can see. Then you need to add it to the bridge containing the internal interface you want to snoop on. Finally, you need to tell Open vSwitch to mirror all traffic to or from the internal port onto this dummy port. After all this, you can then run tcpdump on the dummy interface and see the traffic on the internal port.

All this is mentioned in the Openstack network troubleshooting guide