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When you deploy your cloud with Packstack, by default the passwords for the various users are randomly generated by the deployment process. Passwords are stored in the database.

keystonerc_admin is a file used to log on to the cloud from the command line. Modifying the password in this file does not change the admin user's password, but it has the effect that you submit an incorrect password when using the CLI.

keystonerc_admin has no effect on the dashboard. I suppose you try to log on with the incorrect password, which the dashboard rejects.

If you don't remember the correct password, you can try to find it in the database (I don't know if it is stored in clear text). Navigate to the Keystone database and look for a table that stores user information. Perhaps the password is also logged in one of Packstack's log files. Sorry for being a bit vague; I have no cloud handy to double-check.

If you can't find it in the database, redeploy your cloud. To be safe, I also recommend reinstalling the operating system. Packstack has options for setting passwords, for example --default-password blabla.