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Thanks Bemd for your quick reply, I manage to install masakari according to your answer, however it seems hang when starting 4 workers, wonder if I have to configure anything else in the config of nova or masakari config like any other service installed on openstack

2019-07-03 14:38:43.000 31637 INFO oslo_service.service [-] Starting 4 worker

What I have done so far: - add an user masakri - create masakari in mariadb - reconfig masakari, here is my masakari config file:

[DEFAULT] enabled_apis = masakari_api

Enable to specify listening IP other than default masakari_api_listen = controller Enable to specify port other than default masakari_api_listen_port = 15868 debug = False auth_strategy=keystone

[wsgi] The paste configuration file path api_paste_config = /etc/masakari/api-paste.ini

[keystone_authtoken] www_authenticate_uri = http: // controller:5000 auth_url = http: // controller:5000 auth_type = password project_domain_id = default user_domain_id = default project_name = service username = masakari password = P@ssword

[database] connection = mysql+pymysql://masakari:P@ssword@controller/masakari