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As @Bernd mentioned the documentation is a good start. But I will add some of parallel documentation and free courses for this purpose.

  1. Tutorialpoint, is the first option for me when I have to learn or remember something about programming. The python docs were useful for my students when I was teaching as moderator at college.

  2. Course with online tool for testing for free

  3. Good online documentation that explain in an easy way why to use python, how are the easy implementations and provide some good examples on each section

If you want it to learn python for openstack. You can go directly on the documentation and check some uses.

If you will be using the basic actions use the openstack client. If not, I will recommend to avoid the use of the python implementation of the openstackclient for python due is still in develpment and can have some missing actions that are in the core of the other clients.

I recommend to you the use of classes, functions and templates. For templating in python you can use Jinja2 that is the most popular engine

Hope this will be helpful to you :D