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I have tried to set up 2 keys in account, 1 key in container. Generate tempurl from python code and swiftclient. It still return 401.

My steps: First, I add tempurl before authtoken Second, I post key to account metadata

         Meta Temp-Url-Key-2: VuVan

Meta X-Account-Meta-Temp-Url-Key: Vuvan

           Meta Temp-Url-Key: secretkey

Third, I use this python code in and replace my path and key. Then run that code I get tempurl

And this is log:

Jun 3 14:32:34 195 proxy: 03/Jun/2019/07/32/34 GET /v1/AUTH_44e37cb39c5d4768b320de2229502860/vuvan/admin.rc%3Ftemp_url_sig%3Df0658b6a20841ba0796236fa451faa6cef6a6898%26temp_url_expires%3D1559633543 HTTP/1.0 401 - curl/7.58.0 - - 35 - txf6a26a1d7baa4aed8fee1-005cf4cd12 - 0.0109 - - 1559547154.668499947 1559547154.679441929 -

About swiftclient I use this command:

swift tempurl GET 3600 /v1/AUTH_44e37cb39c5d4768b320de2229502860/vuvan/admin.rc secretkey

(with two keys)

The result still be 401 response.