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I just started with openstack, and mine is not running either... but, I think if this is your first error:

2019-04-23 16:32:39.324 1751 ERROR neutron.plugins.ml2.drivers.agent._common_agent [req-4342b879-a822-4c06-9882-ad06c04b1660 - - - - -] Error in agent loop. Devices info: {'current': set(['tap807a015e-9c']), 'timestamps': {'tap807a015e-9c': 10}, 'removed': set([]), 'added': set(['tap807a015e-9c']), 'updated': set([])}: NetlinkError: (13, 'Permission denied')

Then that last part that says "permission denied" should be the place to start. Can you look in your normal linux logs (audit, syslog) and see if the PAM/auth/system is denying openstack from creating the bridge?