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Here is the relevant error from the swift log:

Apr 23 07:18:26 ghost-Precision-T5600 object-server[15406]: ERROR __call__ error with PUT /sdb1/209/AUTH_31bc2ab2355c498c93a53aa29370db66/glance/9b6b0a0f-1b90-4b80-aaa6-cfa910f7ea3c-00001 : [Errno 28] No space left on device (txn: tx0842cab821254b2b9bcd7-005cbe6eea)

As I expected, your Swift cluster is too small. Double-check this with the df command.

I would like to tell you what local.conf setting configures the Swift cluster size, but I have no running Devstack right now, and has been replaced by a new solution that I haven't figured out yet.