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Hi there, sorry to hear you are having trouble.

First I want to mention that neutron-lbaas is deprecated and scheduled to be retired this year. See the FAQ for more information:

I have updated that page you referenced (I didn't even know it existed and it's very old/outdated) to reflect the status of neutron-lbaas.

Now, on to Octavia which is what you want.

All of the Octavia documentation is located here:

There is an installation overview guide here: You will also find helpful guides in this section: Specifically the "Octavia Certificate Configuration Guide".

Unfortunately we have not yet been able to write a detailed install guide for doing it by hand.

A reference to the steps we execute to install in for our testing gates is the devstack plugin script here:

There are also folks in the #openstack-lbaas IRC channel that can help answer questions.

I hope this helps, Michael