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I don’t know what do you mean by “virtual link”, but I understand that one instance can ping the other via public network adresses, i.e. via floating IPs. However, you are unable to ssh into the instances from the server that runs Devstack. Is that correct?

To ssh into your instances, you need to

  • attach them to a network that is connected to public with a router
  • assign floating IPs to them
  • add ssh rules to their security groups
  • launch the instances with a key
  • log on with ssh using the corresponding private key and the instance’s default user

The default user depends on the image you launch an instance from. Ubuntu images have a user named ubuntu, Fedora images have fedora etc.

The cirros user on Cirros images has a password, so that you can log on without a key.

Finally, note that the public network is a fake external network. It can only be reached from the server running Devstack. You can, however, connect it to the outside network following these instructions: