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Hello Bernd, thank you very much for your help. Sorry for my late response. The reason is that I never ran into the same issue again when I started to do the installation not on my slow esx server, but on my much faster desktop pc using vmware desktop. So I bypassed this issue by creating the vm on my desktop first and then with vmware converter, I uploaded the vm to the slow esx server as a new vm. That way I can get to a complete installation and run the dashboard. If someone has the same issue with a slow installation vm - you just have to also keep in mind that devstack will store the assigned IP address at many places.

So in my case, the ip address comes from the dhcp server within my dsl router. I simply bound first the ip of the installation vm to one IP and then after transfering that vm to esx (other mac address), I bound the same IP to that mac address instead.

The main issue really seems to be on slow systems during installation. It would be great if a timeout can be adjusted, but I did not find any way to do so. I can imagine that someone will wonder "if the system is that slow why would someone even want to work with that?" and the answer is - regression and integration test. I don't care if that works slowly or not as long as I get in the end some report that a push broke something.