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This might be related to -- you might want to try enabling force_swift_request_proxy_log or just grepping your object-server logs for the DeleteMultiple transaction ID (tx5e61bcccea464480b4cc7-005b184a52). If I'm right about the bug, I'd expect a bunch of HEADs that all 404, so swift3/s3api never follows through with the DELETE.

Another couple things worth looking at: how are your object-updaters doing? Are there a bunch of container updates piling up, so your listings are out of date? How are your replicators and reconstructors doing? Have rebalances moved faster than they should, so data on disk is misplaced?

Does recursive works with del for multi-part uploaded objects?

Yes, it should. That's the purpose of the HEADs -- to figure out whether the object is a multipart upload (in which case the [Swift] DELETE request should include a ?multipart-manifest=delete query param) or a regular object.