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I am sorry for the missing of installation guide for Pike. The reason is simply because we wrote installation guide starting from Queens and maintain the guide afterward. Backporting the installation guide to Pike is on our TODO list but it might not happen right away. You could refer Queen's version of installation guide [1] as a reference with the following modifications:

  • Clone Kuryr-libnetwork 0.2.0 instead of stable/queens
  • Install python-zunclient 0.4.0 instead of 1.1.0

There could be other pitfalls and you are welcome to contact the Zun team if you find any issue. We provide community support in the following ways (of course, you are welcome to continue to use AskOpenStack for support and I will try to monitor the questions here):

  • IRC (join #openstack-zun channel). My IRC nick is hongbin. Feel free to ping me if you see me online
  • Mail list ( Please kindly add "[Zun]" at the beginning of the subject so that the email will be properly filtered.
  • Bug tracker: .