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Yes it is possible, and there are many options.

Manual setup: Time consuming, requires troubleshooting, you learn a lot: The installation tutorials. This gives you a two-node setup, but you can easily repeate the instruction for setting up compute nodes.

Packstack: Fairly automatic; you can set up a cloud on a single server in an hour or so. After that, add compute nodes. It only works on RHEL and RHEL clones.

DevStack has the purpose of creating small clouds for testing OpenStack software. Like Packstack, quick to set up, but runs on Ubuntu and OpenSUSE as well. It does support multi-node installations; I don't know how hard it is to configure them.

These three solutions work on comparatively small physical or virtual machines; 6GB memory should be sufficient, 50GB disk space, any type of modern CPU. Slightly more performant servers are required to set up OpenStack in LXC containers using OpenStack-Ansible, and in Docker container with Kolla and Kolla-Ansible.

There are several other deployment solutions.