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There is a distinction between image and snapshot, you should experience this in Horizon, switching from "Image" to "Snapshot" in the "Launch Instance" dialog shows different choices.

If you like the CLI, you can see the "image_type = snapshot" in the properties if you run openstack image show <IMAGE>. That's also how you can filter your output to only list snapshots:

control:~ # openstack image list --property image_type=snapshot

Other options are to name your snapshots so that you recognize them as a snapshot from a specific VM. And there's also a "Tags" field you could use for destinction:

control:~ # openstack image set --tag snapshot-of-VM1 <IMAGE>
control:~ # openstack image list --long -c ID -c Name -c Tags --sort tags:desc
| ID                                   | Name              | Tags            |
| eac5d615-73a4-4002-9faf-38d068bc56e5 | Image1            | snapshot-of-VM1 |
| dce2fbc6-54e9-4814-8e09-35a8084560af | Image2            |                 |

Hope this helps!