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For the service reporting to its "check" pipeline triggers are configured at and as you can see only responds to the string "recheck" in review comments. The request to allow rechecking specific jobs comes up fairly frequently, and is intentionally not implemented because it significantly increases the risks of merging nondeterministic bugs through what I liken to picking a pin-and-tumbler lock mechanism. If you have 10 jobs and your change introduces a bug which causes each of them to fail 20% of the time, then you'd need to recheck it ~10 times on average before you could get that change to register a passing check result. If you could selectively recheck only the jobs which fail, the passing result would significantly misrepresent the stability of that change. Introducing the ability to do so in the gate pipeline would be even worse still.

Options have been discussed for the ability to selectively rerun jobs without causing them to affect the verify vote on the change in question, though nobody has stepped forward to implement the support which would be required for this in the Zuul code base.