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Even 50GB is too small, if you are experimenting with a number of instances. The biggest growth areas are ,Cinder,Nova,block storage log files. Also consider if you are running it as a VM, then you will be running VM's inside Vm's so the performance will take a real hit.

So A running case: Image of centos 1.2GB

launched image ram 2-4GB disk ~10GB PLUS Backing files for the image 1.2GB+10gb Backing file for Swap (whatever you allocated in ram) 2-4GB

shutdown system (18GB), since a shutdown system is retained unless purged, it holds all the data & disk image allocated Yes I know all about the "thin" storage in " Cinder" BUT, what you have to consider is HOW the instance OS works. An OS assumes it is working with a "real disk" and even a thin image can fill up very quickly to its full allocated extent once you start installing other packages.Once an area in a "thin image" is allocated it CANNOT be unallocated even if empty.

Finally DON'T allow any software OS updates inside the openstack system, updates are high maintanance