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I'm guessing you want to set a total storage quota for volumes and ephemeral. Using only cinder quota doens't give that control as project user may use lots of storage using big flavors. To account for that you need do subtract maximum estimated ephemeral storage usage from the total storage quota you want the project to consume to get cinder quota. To calculate it you might use the following formula:

cinder_quota = total_storage_quota − total_cpu_quota / flavor_min_cpu × flavor_total_disk

For example with 120GB total storage quota and 4 vCPUs

  • flavor of 1 vCPU and 10GB total storage

    cinder_quota = 120GB - 4 vCPU/1 vCPU × 10GB = 80GB
  • flavor of 2 vCPU and 40GB total storage

    cinder_quota = 120GB - 4 vCPU/2 vCPU × 40GB = 40GB
  • flavor of 4 vCPU and 60GB total storage

    cinder_quota = 120GB - 4 vCPU/4 vCPU × 60GB = 60GB