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Hi all,

This is my solution : Get 2 images docker:

Make a script like this:

# set host ip for etcd, replace your own host IP before run it.
export HostIP=""

#Lancement d'une session etcd dans un container
docker run -d -v /usr/share/ca-certificates/:/etc/ssl/certs -p 4001:4001 -p 2380:2380 -p 2379:2379 \
 --name etcd \
 etcd \
 -name etcd0 \
 -advertise-client-urls http://${HostIP}:2379,http://${HostIP}:4001 \
 -listen-client-urls, \
 -initial-advertise-peer-urls http://${HostIP}:2380 \
 -listen-peer-urls \
 -initial-cluster-token etcd-cluster-1 \
 -initial-cluster etcd0=http://${HostIP}:2380 \
 -initial-cluster-state new

#Lancement dans un container du service discovery
docker run --name discovery -d --net=host

#Test du bon fonctionnement
#Sleep le temps du lancement
sleep 5
curl -v -X PUT localhost:8087/new

And put on discovery url in magnum.conf, your controler name on url.

It's work for me.